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"it feeds on minds" the evil thing that lives in your heart

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
3:05 pm - wever

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
6:07 pm
 we are all ninjas....... that is all

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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
8:08 pm - a preview






Deeply In Time

By: Haley Carter - Neff

















Chapter 1




I walked into the office so I could get a map of the school. I saw the front desk I was going to try to be enthusiastic I went up to the office clerk and said,” Maria straighter” The counter clerk seemed nice she gave me tour of the school instead of a map, I was starting to like this school. My first class was in the D building Biology, I had 8 classes those would be, Biology, geometry, P.E., social studies, art, theater arts, choir, and language arts. I walked to class some kids were staring at me so I looked to see if I had something in my teeth or if I had a make up smudge nothing. Some kid yelled out to me saying,” hey new girl “ I didn’t turn around because I was sure of it that he was a harasser. He would not give up so I finally turned around. He had the kind of hair that was in his face he wore skinny jeans and had two piercings

In his bottom lip, he wore a shirt that stated he liked the band All Time Low, his eyes were luminescent they were so breath taking, they were so blue against his light skin and dark hair which had little highlights of red in it. I quickly turned so I could stop looking at his beautiful face It was so breath taking,

He ran up to me at lightning speed. I asked,” yes?” He just said,” well I wanted to see if you wanted to talk but if you don’t I guess.. “ I stopped him,” no it’s fine, so what do you want to talk about?” I was into his beautiful eyes they held so much stories to tell it seemed like he has so many secrets he’s hiding from the world. He said,” I want to talk to you about life in Los Angeles oh I want to show you around town.”



Today is the beginning of the end and the start of my life because today was the beginning of my new school. I wasn’t sure of going to a school were people only looked as if spring was everyday, I couldn’t stand Los Angeles people weren’t what you called normal. One problem is that people are put up into groups like Preps, Gang bangers, Ravers, Scene kids and Emos’ plus the Goths , I myself was labeled an Emo. Oh how I wish there wasn’t any peer pressure.


A fter school I wnt with Alex to a Starbucks to have a latte’.We both sat there silently for a muinute or two and he finally started to try and make small talk. “so how’s it been?” I gave him a weird look and said,” I gess I’m good”.  

current mood: pirate

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7:33 am - A random moment
I have 9 new lives and my friend's not gay anymore he's a whole diffrent kind of gay he's also a lesbien lol < there he is not me but the guy lol

current mood: ninja

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Saturday, March 15th, 2008

I'm hyper, like my new jacket says I'm on nautral high lol

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Monday, January 21st, 2008
5:54 pm - ????????????/
 what the heck is wrong with me it's not christmas anymore, yet I'm singing gloria???????????????????????????????????????????????????? questions that leave me baffled,so very strange.

current mood: piratemonkey

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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007
4:15 pm - hilows
I'm listening to DDR musica whoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

current mood: blupops

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Thursday, December 13th, 2007
10:53 am - this is so importaint

I'm listening to linkin park and I am writing that is the most importaint thing in the world.................................... blue.

current mood: scared

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Monday, December 10th, 2007
12:21 pm - blue demands you to watch your face untilll' you die
hello 's I made pictures yay whoot whoot. ok I really don't care about this though because I'm going to make better drawings. they will be of flying pigs and evil cats that say moo and quack satanic cats of pure venomie evil. love is hate in the back of your mind whoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

current mood: creative

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Friday, November 16th, 2007
9:46 am

HI so yeah well I'm in a sort of a pleasent mood despite the cold but yeah um thats it I'm bored.

current mood: blah

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Friday, November 2nd, 2007
9:15 am - lol
 Ok um yes when ever I see or hear the word genious I think of when charlie said genass on flowers for algernon lol  come on it's funny.

current mood: indifferent

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9:02 am - Writer's Block: Happy Halloween!
Boo! How did you celebrate Halloween?
 I went accross into corona and then went trick or treatin' yup  thats it pertty much.

current mood: confused

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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
10:06 am - whooooooooooo

yes! it is my favorite day ever it's halloween But stupid me I need to be scarier than that I'm a homicidal vampires.cool aint' it

current mood: normal

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Monday, October 29th, 2007
3:08 pm - I think to much
well I was just taking a quiz that is f*** up and then said something Ironic,"you seem like a nice person....I'm gonna have to rip your head open and then for the final touch stick a carmal apple through your gut." wouldnt that be an awsome halloween costume  I could see it  now. this told me what the true spirit of Christmas ment, and that is death is funny.

current mood: crazy

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2:27 pm - I need to be explained to
ok so if I really do draw the gay guys fighting over a mini skirt should it just be 2 or 4? because I want this to be a masterpeice of weirdnessness.I have an itch on my head it's etheir caused bye mutaint vermain chewing on the very thought of gay guys fighting over a mini skirt or just me thinking to hard.Hey good news I failed the dumb test,That is good right ha ha ? and I want to know do the gay guys I mean should I make them emo or punk or other.I belive Jhonen Vasquez writes long passages on here, and where does he get all that time? I mean he is always randome and stuff how can he concentrate on stuff like computers.Tecnology is cool though I gess he has a load of time to write long passagess.I belive he has evil mutated followers that take over his life and time.I also believe he is not happy right now cause I'm thinking weird stuff that makes no sense to anyone ages 13 and up. I know you want me to stop talking I have lice woohooo yay life could'nt be anymore brilliant.I'm kinda shaky cause i did'nt have any lunch but thats ok I had that one drink called fuze,lol my grandma calls it fuzz like police.I know were you live ,JK I love y'all JK. When I don't eat I'm very hyper why ?someone answer these Question.I do want that book from a forigne country CANADA.I need to go scream into a pillow cause my limbs are typing on this computer so fast  it hurts I had to come home from school today caused  bye nits and eggs on my head so I'm kinda bored no wonder I'm on the computer being so randome.I take all my weirdness out at school so you guys are my frieds I'm gonna take out my imature 13 year old commentsout on   Thats all folks. I'm going to go on myspace now

current mood: accomplished

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1:27 pm - Drinkin' Fuze

Yup I'm Drinking this stuff called fuze my grandma called it Fuzz. supposivley when I was drinking it, it  It made me think of the gay rights activist my friend had a dream about.so I think I'll draw a picture of these gay guys fuding over who looks cuter in a mini skirt.???????????????????

current mood: bored

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Saturday, October 20th, 2007
8:17 pm - hiiiiiiii

um yes my friends um well I want to talk to you all about brain eating fluffy bunnies, well these bunnies ate my brain today yes thats it. well they first  brought this sucky tube and I call it vanhoodat yes I made this word up.I am now a zombie on this computer,so when you talk to me my head will blow up,"you will be so happy iz like havin' head splody powers." well you may stop reading this and report back to your fuzzy doom.blah blah blah. bla blah blah. blah blah goo da sooooooooooooooooooooo.1234567890123456789012345678901234567890 lol lmao ha trick or treat vengance bwahahahaha.

current mood: weird

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Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
7:56 am - ok

ok I was listening to the song i set my friends on fire and I said,"you know what I set my friens on fire to the funny part is when they start screaming

current mood: crazy

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Thursday, October 11th, 2007
6:55 pm - What Do You Have To Say? - Entertainment: Fall TV Season
Which shows are you most excited about for the fall season?
I wan't to watch avatar to bad Invader Zim is'nt on the air anymore this makes me sad but this means i've been sad scince...a    long time

current mood: razzzzzzzzzzzzzberyzzzzzzzzzza

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Sunday, October 7th, 2007
6:35 pm
"HI my friends" yup this is a picture of you're brain those dumb blondezzzzzzzzzzz lol I'm mean to myself.

current mood: homicidal

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